Convert your Plastic Bank card into Luxurious Metal cards with help of SkinCardz


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Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does it take to get my card?

Once we receive your card, the process will take around 24hrs and we’ll deliver your old and new cards to you.

2 How do I attach my favorite photo/logo to my card?

There is a way to simply customize your card. You can see those 2 buttons which appear on the home page. “Start Creating” and “Browse Designs”; You can go through the “Start Creating” and then go to “Custom Text/Design”, where you can import the image file.

3 What are the countries Skincardz will deliver to?

Our cards will get shipped worldwide. We use specified & certified shipping services that are nearest to your residence.

4Does my new metal card work fine?

Absolutely Yes! Your card will work fine, with the same old card’s Magnetic Strip and EMV Chip nationally. After conversion, your new card will not be able to use for Wireless payments, but you can use Payment apps for contactless payments.

5 Is Skincardz safe?

Our client safety and security are our top priority, we keep safe all your personal info when the process goes on. We prefer our clients to freeze their cards temporarily when they deliver. Skincardz is top-voted company with certified services, located at 6210 Watford Dr League City, Texas 77573.

6 What if my card is lost?

If your card has insurance from your Bank, we can help with a 1-time metal replacement.