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Skincardz the owner of this Website, owns and operates this website. This page governs your relationship with Skincardz. Access to and use of this website are subject to these terms and conditions. By using this website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions which may be updated from time to time. This document should be checked for any updates that may apply to it.
We reserve the right to withdraw the services on a temporary or permanent basis, to amend them without notification, and if the service is unavailable from time to time or for any period.
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Privacy Policy of Skincardz

We use your data according to our privacy policy. To consent, you agree to the practices contained in it and warrant that all content provided by you is accurate.

What are Skincardz prohibited from?

You will not use this website for any illegal actions. If you commit a crime, Skincardz will report your activities to the authorities.
We will not be liable for any loss or damage to your computer, data, or other proprietary materials that is caused by you using this Website, downloading any material on the website, or visiting any websites that are linked to the website.

Are You Giving Away Your Intellectual Property?

All intellectual property rights in our software and content, including photographic images, is the property of Skincardz or its licensors. You are only permitted to store, print, and display this content for your own personal use. You are not allowed to publish, manipulate, distribute, or reproduce any of the content supplied to you or which appears on this Website.

Terms and Conditions of Usage

By submitting an order, you are agreeing to buy the service that is offered on our terms. You need to make sure that the service you are looking for is available at a competitive price.
Dispatch times may vary and are subject to any delays caused by the postal service or other unforeseen circumstances.
In order to purchase with Skincardz, you must be over 18 years of age and possess a valid plastic debit or credit payment card issued by a bank or credit card company that is acceptable to us. We have the right to refuse any request you make. If your order is accepted, we will email you and confirm who you have contracted with (usually, Skincardz, but occasionally another party). Where there is a contract made with another party, we are not acting as either an agent or principal and the contract is made between yourself and that third party and will be subject to their terms of sale which they supply you. When placing an order, you agree for us to use the credit or debit card you provided; this account has funds sufficient enough for your order cost. Foreign products and services may fluctuate in price as determined by local or international government agencies or banks. All prices advertised on our website are subject to such changes.


If you’re looking to purchase something, don’t worry! We will send you a payment confirmation email detailing the items you ordered. When your order is on its way and it is accepted, we will send you a confirmation email.

Secure Payment

With Skincardz, you will immediately receive an email with all available payment options. When the order is paid, follow-up emails will ensure that you got your deposit.

Cost & Quantity of the Cards

If a price error appears, we will notify you and give you the choice of either cancelling or paying for the product at the correct price. If an order has already been paid for before an error is noticed, you will receive a full refund.
There are some other possible costs that will only be charged if required, and they're detailed in the "Total Checkout".

What is the manufacturing quality control process for treating imperfections on Skincardz?

A company cannot guarantee its products will be perfect, as there may be some slight imperfections in the final product. However, if you experience any issues with your cards, you can contact through contact@skincardz.com for assistance.

Payment ID Verification.

With new payment IDs, Skincardz no longer requires users to send their ID information. Payment IDs like PayPal™ or Apple Pay perform their own identity verification.

Linking to Website

You may link to our home page and we hope that you do just not in any way that is unfair or misleading. You may not frame our website and you may only create a link to the home page. Our linking policy can be revised at any time without notice.


When expressly stated otherwise, none of the people featured on this site have anything to do with Skincardz, and you should not assume that they are connected to us in any way. Any trademarks mentioned on this site are owned by whoever has that copyright for those products and services. We mention those trademarks to identify those products and services, and we’re not claiming any kind of endorsement or affiliation with them.


You agree to protect and defend Skincardz in the event that you cause any legal responsibility to be carried out, as well as anything related to your breach of the Terms of Service.

Different ways Skincardz's Terms and Conditions have been modified

At any time and without notice, Skincardz.com.
Read the Terms and Conditions before using Skincardz

Get a waiver

We may take no action if you breach any of these terms, but if we do, we still have the right to exert our copyright rights in any other situation.
The Terms of Service are the entire agreement, and they supersede all other agreements. If any provision is waived, it’ll be in writing and signed by a director of Skincardz, so there’s no worry that any terms might be changed.

If any inconvenience

Let us know if you want to dispute anything. We use a specific procedure to begin resolving disputes right away.
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